Keeping cool in summer and warm in winter ensures air conditioning is an essential part of any home. We supply and install all types of air conditioning options to suit the needs of your home. Whether it be a single storey, 2 storey house, unit or apartment we can provide you with a solution tailored to you and your family.

1. Wall Split

These units are suited for those wanting comfort in a single room or certain area of your house. There are varied units available including wall splits, multi splits, floor console units and ceiling cassettes. To ensure your system is most efficient for your needs discuss any queries with a member of our team.

2. Ducted Inverter

These systems are the ultimate in climate control for your home. The ducted units are more flexible so you can tailor them to your exact requirements. These system utilise features such as “zone control” to allow the selection of certain rooms as well as isolation of rooms when not in use.

The Ducted Unit is also less conspicuous with vents located in the ceiling and all mechanical aspects of the air conditioner concealed in the roof space and outside the house. It ensures the space is neat and tidy avoiding the large unit located on the wall inside the room.


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