At Airstream, they are the experts in the science of air management. It is not only the air conditioning unit itself that makes a good system but also the components installed along with it. At Advanced Air and Airstream we take pleasure in offering a unit designed and built specifically for Australia's unique climatic conditions.

Optimising efficiency, maximising comfort

No gimmicks. No ineffective features. No compromises. At Airstream, they develop and manufacture benchmark air distribution products, with a total focus on intelligent design and innovative technology that underpins the individually tailored systems we provide.

The result is a huge leap in efficiency, control and ultimately comfort.

iZone 310

Fully integrated system control

iZone 310 integrates the functionality of your AC unit controller and zone controls into one easy-to-use colour touch screen. What’s more, with master control functionality you can manage the temperature of your home and the zones within it holistically, from any console – try our iZone demo and see for yourself.

Unlike other systems that aggregate temperature across your home, temperature sensors on every controller mean you can incrementally fine-tune the temperature in every room. It means you enjoy the temperature you want, as well as substantial energy and cost savings

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Commercial-grade flexible duct

We supply fire-rated metalised flexible duct with R1.2 insulation as standard. It's a commitment that pays significant dividends because ductwork is a huge part of any air distribution system – just take a look at how air conditioning works to see what we mean.

Given the major role flexible duct plays in air conditioning systems, our commercial-grade insulated ductwork delivers substantial energy efficiency and cost savings. Moreover, by supplying the highest specification option, we also improve the reliability and longevity of your air conditioning system

Air Network Terminals

Our ANTs accurately and efficiently split conditioned air for each room. They are manufactured using our computer aided system to cut each component from our unique, thermally rated composite panels – rigid 21mm thick polyurethane insulation board, sandwiched in a strong aluminium shell.

After manufacture, each fitting is painstakingly sealed by hand to ensure a leak-free product, providing optimum energy efficiency.

Effective at the highest temperatures

The automatic control of air to each room is accurately measured and adjusted by an engineered variable air volume damper. Our zone barrel dampers are precision engineered to perform in the harshest Australian conditions. A foam sealing gasket is secured within the damper housing to provide an airtight seal when the damper is closed. The underside of the blade has moulded gramophone rings to ensure a perfect seal.

Air diffusion

Our metal grilles and diffusers can be manufactured in almost any colour, finish or configuration – a level of customisation that has made our products the preferred choice for architects and interior designers.

Our return air grilles are designed to last. Engineered from metal, they will maintain their looks without yellowing or cracking over time, which often happens with cheaper plastic grilles.

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